Hamilton asked to urgently conserve water


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11 March 2017

Hamiltonians are asked to conserve all non-essential water use after rising Waikato River levels may affect the stability of the slip-affected Eastern Bulk Water Main.

Hamilton City Council staff are monitoring the Eastern Bulk Water Main site and there is the possibility that we may isolate (shut down) the Eastern Bulk Water Main as a precautionary measure due to rising river levels.

City Waters Unit Manager Maire Porter says residents can assist by conserving water for at least the next three days.

“Conserving all non-essential water is the best way for us to be able to manage supplying the whole city through one bulk water main if we need to. Easy ways to save water are taking shorter showers, turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth and refraining from using sprinklers or any outdoor water use,” says Mrs Porter.

“If a planned isolation was implemented today, we believe the impact on the city’s supply overnight would likely be similar to the events of 3 February, when we had some pressure loss issues but no loss of service for households.

“Regular updates will be on the Council’s website and Facebook page, however it would help get the message out if people can let their friends and neighbours know.”

The Eastern Bulk Water Main supplies around 27,000 homes and runs under the Waikato River from the city’s water treatment plant opposite Hamilton Gardens. A substantial section of the riverbank collapsed around the Bulk Main in early February.

The isolation of the bulk main will ensure all water is safe and will minimize any impact on the wider community.

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