Public help needed after kayak theft


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Thursday 11 May 2017

Hamilton Pools staff have joined Waikato District Police with an appeal to the public for help following the theft of 15 kayaks, paddles and a trailer from Waterworld this week.

Debbie Lascelles, Hamilton City Council’s Acting Community Development and Leisure Manager, says the Cobra kayaks were on a specially designed trailer which was stored in a shed at the popular city swimming and exercise facility.

The lone thief struck at 4am on Monday 8 May, cutting a heavy-duty chain to enter the shed and then using a Toyota 4WD vehicle to tow away the trailer with the 15 kayaks and paddles. The kayaks are bright yellow, and each is about 1.8m long. The total value of the items stolen exceeds $10,000.

The theft has been reported to Hamilton Police, who are investigating and have been working with Council staff to gather information. CCTV footage from Waterworld has been handed over to police.

“The kayak and trailer thief has essentially stolen from the community,” Ms Lascelles says. “The kayaks are used as part of our Aqua Education programmes and the theft means some enthusiastic young customers will miss out on that activity until we can replace them.”

“Understandably, we are pretty disgusted by this. We strive to offer a broad range of water skills through our facility, and the theft means we can’t deliver one fun aspect of our service.”

Ms Lascelles says after discussions with police, the Council had opted to publicise the theft in the hope information would be offered to police, and would lead to the recovery of the kayaks.

Information on the theft can be provided to police through the CRIMESTOPPERS line – 0800 555 111 – on an anonymous basis if needed.

The theft features on the Waikato District Police Facebook page and the case number is included.

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