Road safety around schools, that’s magic!


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Wednesday 7 June 2017


A new campaign aimed at educating parents about road safety outside schools was launched by Hamilton City Council this week.

The “Road safety around schools, that’s magic!” campaign aims to encourage safer road behaviours around schools – specifically parents and caregivers picking up and dropping off children.

Robyn Denton, the Council’s Transport Operations Team Leader, says all schools face the same problems when it comes to the issues around their school gates.

“Congestion, speed, poor parking and general bad driving behaviours seem to intensify out the front of school gates at drop off and pick-up times,” Mrs Denton says.

“The Council has put infrastructure in place to make the areas as safe as possible, however we need to work together, as a team, to make sure our kids are protected.”

Parents are increasingly parking or stopping over and in people’s driveways and on berms, which increases the risk of an accident occurring. Parking on the no-stopping lines adjacent to the pedestrian crossing makes it hard for the children to have a clear view of approaching traffic.

The campaign will also highlight alternative ways parents or caregivers can travel to school with their children, like walking and cycling.

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