Website provides investment hub for Hamilton


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Thursday 3 August 2017

There’s a new website for Hamilton’s investment and economic related news and information – Hamilton Invest.

Hamilton Invest, a website launched on 31 July, provides a hub for economic related information, resources (videos, documents, economic data, images, and partner organisation links) and investment opportunities in Hamilton and its surrounding areas.

Hamilton City Council’s Acting General Manager City Growth Luke O’Dwyer says the website pulls together the most recent Council information and the great work partner organisations do to support economic development in the city.

“The format was kept simple so it’s easy for people to use. The website will be continuously updated with significant investment news from around the city to keep it relevant and have the information people are looking for and find useful,” says Mr O’Dwyer.

Hamilton is a growing city with a range of opportunities for businesses and investors. Focusing on Hamilton’s strongest areas - including health, freight and logistics, and information technology and research and development sectors – allows the Council to focus energy on building on what’s already strong and part of the city’s competitive advantages.

“Coordination is a big part of the success of economic investment and we continually work closely with other organisations and neighbouring districts to make sure we make the most of any opportunity coming into the region. This includes getting the right people in the room when there’s an investment lead, which we did recently for a Chinese delegation,” says Mr O’Dwyer.

“When any leads come through from the website, the Council will make sure it’s connected with the right people in the city to be able to make the most of the opportunity. That’s the best way the Council can act as a coordinator and make the best of the resources available in the absence of a dedicated economic development resource or agency in Hamilton.”

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