New Rototuna Reservoir


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Monday 11 September 2017

Mayor Andrew King has ceremonially turned on the pumps for Hamilton’s newest strategic asset – the $21.5M Rototuna Reservoir project.

The reservoir has a capacity of 24 million litres of water and offers more than just a storage and supply solution for the fast-growing north of the city. Until the reservoir was built, more than 90 per cent of Hamilton’s stored water was in reservoirs on the western side of the river.

“In an emergency, we could rely heavily on water pipes crossing the Waikato River to supply the eastern side of Hamilton. In combination with the extra pumping equipment we have installed, the Rototuna Reservoir can now assist the treatment plant in pumping water around the city,” says Hamilton City Council City Infrastructure General Manager Chris Allen.

“This is not just about improving water supply for Rototuna, this is about providing resilience to the wider water network right across the city.”

Mr Allen says the reservoir features innovative design solutions including pre-loading the site with thousands of tonnes of rock, avoiding the expense of piling. The rock was later removed and used on the Waikato Expressway. Building the reservoir in two 12 million litre compartments means one side of the reservoir can provide supply during maintenance. The associated project to build twin water pipes from the water network in Resolution Dr to the Kay Rd reservoir site also means the reservoir can be filled through one pipe while supplying water to the city through the other.

“The reservoir will be fully operational over the next few weeks as it starts to supply water to Hamilton residents,” Mr Allen says. “It’s already an asset to the city’s water network and is designed to support modelled growth in the area until at least 2061.

“As we complete the connection process some residents may experience inconsistent water pressure, air getting into the system, sputtering taps and cloudy-looking water from time to time over the next few weeks. This is normal and will not affect water quality.”

The Council will be closely monitoring the water network in the area in coming weeks however, if anyone has any concerns they can phone the 24-hour customer service line on  838 6699.

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