Hamilton says yes to shared waters management company


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12 December 2017


Hamilton City Council has agreed to form a shared company with Waipa District Council to jointly manage water, wastewater and stormwater services.

Waipa District Council has not yet agreed to the proposal and will not make a formal decision until 19 December.

Today's decision from Hamilton City Council follows a recommendation from a six-member governance group set up to consider public submissions on the proposal. Hamilton's governance group members were Mayor Andrew King plus councillors Dave Macpherson and Garry Mallett. Waipa was represented by Mayor Jim Mylchreest and Councillors Clare St Pierre and Bruce Thomas.

The recommendation to form the company centred around the substantial financial efficiencies offered to each Council compared with the status quo; the regional benefits to be gained from closer collaboration and the significant non-financial benefits from the proposal including the ability to attract and retain expert staff.

If formed, each Council would continue to independently make all decisions about the levels of service and the development of water assets for their respective communities.  There would be no private shareholders and any decision relating to water meters or water charges would remain with each Council.

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