Wastewater pipe damage in Glenview


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15 April 2018

Residents of several streets in the Hamilton suburb of Glenview are being urged to minimise their wastewater discharges after a landslip damaged a main pipe.

Maire Porter, Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager, says about 200 properties are affected by the issue, caused by a slip in the Mangokotukutuku Gully.

The slip has damaged what is termed an aerial wastewater rising main – a large wastewater pipe running above the ground – which transfers wastewater from the Bruce Ave pump station.

The Bruce Ave pump station collects wastewater from more than 200 properties around the neighbourhood, and transfers it to another part of the city’s wastewater network.

Some of the streets discharging wastewater into the Bruce Ave pumping station are:

  • Bruce Ave
  • Keith Pl
  • Jeanette St
  • Lewis St
  • Sacha Pl
  • Glenview Tce
  • Garden Heights Ave
  • Park Dale Pl
  • Wanaka Pl
  • Greta Pl
  • Tomin Rd
  • Richan St

Mrs Porter urged residents in the area to minimise their discharges into the city’s water network, by:

  • taking short showers
  • turning off taps while brushing their teeth
  • using the “half-flush” function on toilets
  • only doing full loads of laundry or dishes
  • composting food rather than using waste disposal units in sinks.

“We have teams at the site on the job, and we’re working on this urgently, but it may take several days to repair,” Mrs Porter says.

“Bruce Ave residents will see an increase in trucks in their street as contractors and staff are brought on-site to assist with the fix. Vacuum trucks will be coming and going through the night to help us manage the situation, and it’s essential we have them on this job.

“We apologise in advance for the extra truck traffic but it’s absolutely imperative we keep them working.”

The key focus for the Council is avoiding unwanted discharges from the network into the gully. Waikato Regional Council has been informed of the issue.


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