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11 May 2018

Hamilton City Council has updated the publicly-available online submission documents on the draft 10-Year Plan to resolve an unexpected reporting issue in one section and clearly show response data to the Mayor and Councillors.

The issue arose after a correction was made to one line in the online submission form.

The 10-Year Plan consultation document referred to a project as Central City Park – River Plan, a title approved by the Council prior to consultation. However, a typographical error on the submission forms saw the project referred to only as Central City Park.

The project title was corrected online on 20 April.

During the review and analysis of submissions following the close of consultation on April 30, it was identified the correction had meant online submissions made before 20 April do not publicly show responses to that project in the tickbox. The data has still been collected.

To clearly show the responses before and after the correction, the Council is now including both versions of the project wording on all online submissions. This work will require the submissions site to be offline from time to time in coming days.

The Council’s General Manager Strategy and Communications, Sean Hickey says Councillors were notified yesterday morning and updated on how the issue was to be addressed.

“Our priority is that public views are presented transparently,” Mr Hickey says.

“We have very robust review processes which identified this unexpected issue and we’ve taken steps to ensure the Council is fully aware of what has happened and how we’re resolving it.

No data was lost and all information will be presented to the Council before deliberations on the plan.” Mr Hickey says.

All submitters who have provided an email address are being sent a summary of the steps taken.

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