Outcomes of Finance Committee meeting


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27 September 2017

Hamilton City Council’s Finance Committee meeting yesterday opened with a report from Chair Cr Garry Mallett regarding operating revenues and costs of the city’s Claudelands events facility.

Cr Mallett and staff answered questions from the committee on the operations of Claudelands and staff undertook to circulate further information on the financial figures to committee members.

Monitoring reports on the current 10-Year Plan and key projects were presented, with staff to provide further information to committee members on vested assets and financial figures from the sale of pensioner housing. A further report on timings for the Ring Road completion will be presented to a future Growth and Infrastructure meeting.

The Committee resolved to delegate authority to the Chief Executive to award a contract for a new bulk water supply to Rotokauri, subject to the total approved contract sum not exceeding $7.5M. The delegation is to allow a quicker approval of the contract to make the most of the forthcoming construction season, the work planned to be completed in the current financial year.

The full agenda is available on the Council’s website hamilton.govt.nz and formal minutes of the meeting will be posted in coming days.

Page reviewed: 27 Sep 2017 10:37am