Hamilton City Council urges road users to always stop on a yellow


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17 October 2017

Hamilton City Council is working closely with Waikato Police in an attempt to reduce crashes at signalised intersections throughout Hamilton.

The ‘Stop on Yellow’ campaign aims to educate road users about the dangers of running yellow lights and encourage them to always stop on yellow.

In 2016, in Hamilton, there were 1225 cases of yellow or red traffic light running, and 96 per cent of collisions happened at intersections.

Hamilton road users can expect a lower tolerance of drivers who run yellow lights, a problem which is becoming far too common in the city and puts other motorists at unnecessary risk, Hamilton Police Sergeant Geoff Blow says.

“It is important that drivers look ahead and allow plenty of room to travel through the intersection. If it looks like you won’t make the light phase, stopping and waiting will only add a few extra seconds to your journey,” says Sergeant Blow.

“The cost of crashes is significant, in terms of lives and injuries, where a driver’s small mistake can make life-altering changes to them or others, but also in terms of time and productivity for all other road users.”

Waikato Police will be managing a pit stop at one of the city’s busiest intersections this October handing out jelly-beans to those drivers who are following the road rules correctly.

The Council’s Road Safety Coordinator Mihi Bennett-Smith says the campaign, which will run for the next four weeks, is all about driver education and echoes the Road Code.

“It’s such a simple message, always stop on a yellow light, but it’s one which could save lives and reduce the personal and financial toll on families in our city. We hope people take the message on board and don’t try to beat the lights to save a few seconds of time. It’s just not worth the risk.”


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