Summary of Council meeting 18 October 2017


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19 October 2017

Fond memories and stories of Councillor Philip Yeung, plus a minute’s silence, recognised his contribution to the city as part of yesterday’s Hamilton City Council meeting.

It was the first Council meeting since Cr Yeung’s passing and his wife Alice and daughter Jeannie were there to share the moment.

The Chair’s report covered two items which were deferred to the 16 November meeting; the Class 4 Gambling Policy report and the Hillsborough Terrace Rd Stopping report.

Other resolutions included adopting the 2016/17 Annual Report, subject to some minor text changes, and delegating authority to the Chief Executive to finalise awarding a contract to Fletcher Construction Company Limited for renewal work at the Waterworld facility, subject to the approved contract sum not exceeding $10,050,402.

The Council considered a report on Maaori governance representation and resolved to explore models other than Maaori wards. The Chief Executive was requested to investigate options and consult with key stakeholders, assess the implications for the Council and present a report back with recommended options before 30 May 2018.

Community outcomes for the 2018-28 10-Year Plan were discussed by the Council, with three community outcomes resolved:

  • A great river city – our city embraces its natural environment and has green spaces, features and community facilities that make it a great place to live, work, play and visit
  • A city that embraces growth – our city has infrastructure that meets our current demands, supports growth and helps build a strong economy
  • A council that is best in business – our council is customer focussed, financially sustainable and has the best people delivering the best outcomes for the city.

Two consecutive reports covered Special Housing Area (SHA) applications. In the first report the Council resolved to approve expressions of interest for six SHA applications for further evaluation and public consultation. The second report covered a proposed housing development of 80 homes in Jebson Pl, with the Council resolving to recommend to the Minister for Building and Construction that it be designated as an SHA, subject to conditions.

The two final items of the meeting saw the Council support the retention of the Regional Emergency Services Fund, and approve an amended Elected Members Support Policy, which included reimbursements, allowances, expenses and training budgets for elected members in line with the Remuneration Authority determinations.

The full agenda and attachments are available on the Council’s website, and minutes will be posted in coming days.

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