Waikato District Bylaws

The following Waikato District Bylaws will continue to apply to the residents who have recently become part of Hamilton City Council due to the boundary changes.

Fires in the Open Air Bylaw 2007 (PDF, 538KB) 

Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2007 (PDF, 48KB)

Speed Limit Bylaw 2011 (PDF, 65KB)

Speed Limit Schedule (PDF, 146KB)

Please refer to the purple coloured areas on thismap (PDF, 1.47MB).

These bylaws will stay in effect until a decision has been made to encompass them into Hamilton City Council Bylaws. 

If you would like a copy of any of the above Waikato District Council Bylaws or have queries please email: liz.hallsworth@hcc.govt.nz
Page reviewed: 15 Apr 2016 3:31pm