​​​​​These Council Policies have been approved by the elected wing of Hamilton City Council. They are policies that relate to the city of Hamilton.

A list of Policies

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Appointment and Remuneration of Board Members of COs, CCOs and CCTOs Policy


Business Improvement District (BID) Policy


Citizens Initiated Referenda Policy

City Honours Policy

Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy

Community Assistance Policy

Community Occupancy Policy

Connections and Charging Policy for Three Waters Policy

Corporate Hospitality and Entertainment Policy



Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy

Delegations to Positions Policy

Development Contributions Policy

Disability Policy

Dog Control Policy


Elected Members Support Policy 

Event Sponsorship Policy

External Funding Applications Policy

Freeholding of Council Endowment Land Policy

Funding Needs Analysis Policy

Growth Funding Policy

Hamilton City Smokefree Outdoor Areas Policy

Hamilton Gateways Policy

Hamilton Special Housing Areas Policy

International Relations Policy

Investment and Liability Management Policy

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Psychoactive Substances (Local Approved Products) Policy

Please note the above maps are subject to change.  

Public Places Policy

Rates Remissions and Postponemen ts Policy

Rating Policy

Rates Resolution 2019/20

Revenue and Financing Policy​​

Risk Management Policy

Sale and Disposal of Council Land Policy

Seismic Performance of Buildings Policy

Significance and Engagement  Policy

Streetscape Beautification and Verge Maintenance Policy

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