Reserve Management Plans

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Reserves Act 1977 re​​​quires all recreation parks to have a Management Plan that describes their use, development and management directives with input from the community. Some management plans cover a large number of parks, and some cover a single reserve.​​

Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves Management Plan Review

What is this about?

The Council is consulting on the Draft Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves Management Plan, which covers how the city's smaller open spaces will be operated.

View the draft plan here

Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves are the smaller sized public open spaces that provide informal recreation spaces and amenity value which make for pleasant and attractive communities.

Brymer Park
Brymer Park 
Till's Lookout
Till's Lookout​

Why is the Council doing this?

Like all our parks and reserves, the Council has legislative responsibilities for Neighbourhood and Amenity Reserves, including the development and administration of a management plan. The Reserves Act 1977 requires Reserve Management Plans to be reviewed every 10 years. The existing plan was last reviewed in 2007 and is due for review.

Management planning enables the Council to identify the best uses and activities for reserves as the needs of our communities' change, and it assists with day-to-day management and decision making.

It's the Council's role to understand the community's views and aspirations and make sure they align with the Council's plans for the spaces. This consultation is an opportunity for everyone to have their say about how they would like these reserves to be managed.​

When do submissions close?

The submissions period closes on the 13 January.

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The following are current management plans for Hamilton parks and reserves:
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