Operations – services to customers and costs

Government data indicates the reforms will improve future affordability for households.  

The data shows Hamilton household water service costs would more than double by 2051 without reform. On average, Hamilton households pay around $1000 annually towards water services through rates. Government data says, without reform, by 2051 increased costs would mean consumers face paying the equivalent of $2740 today. The Government says that with reform these costs would reduce to paying the equivalent of $1220 today. 

If reform doesn’t happen, Government says average household costs for councils to deliver services by 2051 would mean costs increases of between three to 13 times for rural councils, between two and eight times for provincial councils and between 1.5 and seven times for metropolitan councils. 

Government’s view is with reform, these services can be provided to communities across New Zealand affordably and equitably. 

Following reform, day-to-day services are expected to look the same for most households and businesses, at least initially. All staff currently employed in water services are guaranteed a role in the new entity.  

Your water services would be managed by a new organisation, and this organisation would have greater access to money for investment and improvements. 

New consumer protection is planned to deal with complaints or concerns. An economic regulator would monitor price and quality of services. There would be requirements on the new entities to consult with the public on major strategic decisions or changes to levels of service or charging mechanisms. 

Page reviewed: 17 Jun 2022 1:52pm