Our Council’s approach and next steps

What's our Council's view?

The economic data indicates the reforms will provide long-term financial and other benefits for our community and for all New Zealanders. Hamilton continues to engage with Government and on 12 August 2021, at its Council meeting, stated it's position as: Hamilton City Council supports the Government's goals of ensuring safe, sustainable, and economically efficient delivery of three waters services but notes effective transition to any new structure must be in full and equitable partnership with local government.

In June 2021 Council unanimously some feedback to Local Government New Zealand on the water reform proposals. This document endorsed the reform programme and noted 11 key areas for success. 

But we still want a lot more detail.

The Three Waters Reform programme is led by Government, not the Council. As the reform develops and more information becomes available, we will be evaluating the latest information and identifying issues and opportunities for our city so we can make a decision in the best interests of all Hamiltonians.

What are the next steps?

The reform proposals have a lengthy timeline. Councils will still be managing water supplies for their communities at least until July 2024.

Hamilton City Council has been engaging with government for some time on the proposed reforms, and Government has been providing updates and new information to councils and the public on a regular basis.

Councils throughout New Zealand are now working through a  process, ending at the end of September 2021, to evaluate the latest information from Government and provide feedback.

We anticipate further announcements from Government later this year. At that point Council can decide what steps it needs to take, any further information it needs, and any decisions which may need to be made.

Page reviewed: 12 Aug 2021 3:34pm