What's the problem?

Nationally, councils have not been spending what's needed to maintain our Three Waters systems. Now a massive investment (up to $185 billion) is needed.

If this investment isn't made, some communities might see less reliable water services and more environmental incidents which harm our rivers and beaches.  

Under the current system, run by 67 different councils, ratepayers would also face thousands of dollars in extra costs every year.

Without reform, data indicates a massive rise in household costs

The left column shows the current annual household water charges across New Zealand. 

The right bar shows the range of household costs that would be required to pay for the infrastructure investment, without reform, by 2051.

The Government believes that changing the way we manage Three Waters will be more efficient, deliver better services, reduce the future costs for households, and improve the environment.

Page reviewed: 12 Aug 2021 11:12am