What would it mean for Hamilton?

Hamilton is growing and will need to keep investing in our water services.  Without reform, Hamilton ratepayers, like all ratepayers throughout the country, will face large new costs.

​Average Hamilton Household Water services cost:
​Average costs by 2051 (in today's dollars) - Without reform
​Average costs by 2051 (in today's dollars) - With reform




The current average charges are based on information provided by Council to Government in late 2020 and early 2021. The projected charges are based on Government analysis of this data, projected investment, and efficiencies identified through the reform programme.

The water reform programme will reduce future costs for Hamiltonians and provide better environmental, cultural and social outcomes.

An expert report commissioned by the Government (from the Water Industry Commission of Scotland (WICS) projects significant savings through the reform. These savings would be used to invest in new water services and water infrastructure, and meet new, higher water standards.

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