Where is the process at?

Work on this issue has been going for some time. It ramped up in 2016, when water issues in Havelock North saw thousands of people become ill.

This work is now a Government priority.  Right now, Government is working with councils, iwi, the waters industry and international experts to develop a new waters structure for the country, including new standards, new rules and new organisations.

That programme is known as the Government's Three Waters Reform.

Councils have already been given a lot of information but there is still a lot more to come. Between August and October 2021, councils around the country are reviewing this Government information, and feeding back questions and comments.

No decisions to proceed with the reform, as proposed, have yet been made. But the Government has indicated it wants a new Three Waters system in place, that works for all New Zealanders, by July 2024.

Detailed background data and the latest Government information can be found on the dedicated DIA Three Waters website

Page reviewed: 12 Aug 2021 11:11am