Government’s proposed Three Waters Reform

To ensure all New Zealanders have access to safe, reliable and affordable water services, the Government wants to make some changes.

The Government believes those changes will help us better manage how we deal with drinking water, wastewater and stormwater (collectively known as Three Waters).

The Government says changing how we manage our water services will help us to take better care of our environment, and will make water services more affordable for all New Zealanders.

Councils are reviewing and providing feedback on the latest information from Government in August and September 2021 and awaiting confirmation of any final proposals.

This page provides information on the Government's reform to date. The slide pack below provides an overview of the reform programme and what it means for Hamilton. This page also includes further detail, FAQ and links for further information. Information relating to Council's current position is subject to change as decision-making develops.

Page reviewed: 01 Oct 2021 1:47pm