Proposed New Performing Arts Theatre


Hamilton​ has a strong arts and culture scene with multiple organisations having a long history of contribution.

​The city is committed to the proposed new building to replace the much loved Founders Theatre which occupied a unique position in the performing arts ecosystem in the Waikato. The new theatre will accommodate the full range of music, theatrical, operatic, cultural and town hall-style events that are expected in a major New Zealand city.

​​Why is this project important?

  • ​Hamilton needs an iconic, premier, performing arts theatre that services the Waikato​
  • There is overwhelming community support for a new theatre that contributes to activity in the central city
  • It will give a strong identity to arts and culture
  • It will enable the city to deliver the outcomes of the City Arts Agenda 'Hamilton offers premier art venues and creative spaces'.

​​​The project plan

  • ​​It is a partnership project between Momentum Waikato Community Foundation and Hamilton City Council
  • Momentum Waikato Community Foundation will convene generous donors and provide project management to deliver the project by 2020
  • Hamilton City Council's commitment is capped at $30mil and the balance of $25mil will be convened by Momentum Waikato Community Foundation
  • Hamilton City Council will be seeking funding contribution from local and central government.
​​​​The proposed Waikato Regional Theatre project will be designed on the basis of - no user left behind - it will accom​m​odate all users, past and prese​nt.​​The building will enable Hamilton and Waikato residents to experience local, national and international entertainment in comfort, now and for the next 50 years.

Page reviewed: 25 Oct 2016 8:24am