Creating a bike-friendly city

The most modern and motor vehicle-dependent cities around the world are experiencing a biking revolution. Bikes are a cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly option for transport and recreation.

Hamilton’s Biking Plan will contribute to a more attractive and liveable city for families.

Our 30 year Biking Plan will make biking safe, convenient and visible; encouraging more people to bike more 
often in Hamilton.

Why is this project important?

  • A strong bike culture makes for a healthier, more active population
  • A connected off road bike network is safe and makes biking accessible for everyone
  • Hamilton’s flat environment gives us a natural advantage in becoming a bike- friendly city
  • Connecting to the Te Awa River Ride provides a great opportunity to grow Hamilton’s visitor reputation

The Biking Plan projects

  • ​Western Rail Trail (due to be completed in December 2016)
  • Te Awa River Ride South
  • Hukanui/Peachgrove Road School link
  • Minogue Park Bridge
  • University route
  • Wairere Drive between The Base and Wintec
  • Te Awa River Ride - widen Hamilton river path
  • Resolution Drive link to Waikato Expressway
  • State Highway 3 cycleway
  • A network of biking facilities on bike routes including drinking fountains, seats and bike parking

Page reviewed: 19 Oct 2016 12:35pm