Central City Transformation Plan


An action focussed practical approach to transform Hamilton's central city into a more vibrant prosperous centre for the Waikato.

It is a long term plan to guide and change the central city. There are some short term projects, but fundamental change will take some years to achieve.​

​Why is this project important?

  • ​​​​It will attract more people to work and live in the central city
  • An economically prosperous commercial core is essential for any city
  • The central city is an attractive destination for everyone to use and enjoy
  • An activated riverfront promotes enjoyment of the river and benefits ​the community

​​CCTP projects

  • ​​Embassy Park Redevelopment
  • Establish the Business Hub
  • Victoria on the River
  • Upgrade Garden Place including feature gardens, shared zone and continuous news screen
  • Extend the shared zone down Alexandra Street
  • Complete Collingwood Land redevelopment
​​​​​​Vision: A prosperous commercial centre with a vibrant metropolitan lifestyle​​

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