Smart Space

​​​​​​Garden Place will soon be home to its own Smart Space— a space where everyone can come together to share ideas, solve problems and collaborate.

The Smart Space project stems from a programme – entitled Smart Hamilton -  led by Hamilton City Council to develop and embrace technology and innovation to serve the community and make cities more liveable places.

What is Smart Space?
An interactive space to engage in innovation, for the community to participate in defining problems and finding solutions and to test smart technologies. It’s also a place for the Council and a wide range of public and industry partners to showcase smart initiatives and tell stories of innovation from within our city and the wider region. 

The Space will change displays and feature new projects every few months to represent the great diversity of innovation happening in the Waikato.

Where and when is this happening?

Hamilton’s Smart Space will be developed in the front of the Central Library, facing Garden Place. Work will start on 15 April, with eight weeks allocated for its transformation.

What will be in it?

There are four different components to what you can expect to see in the Smart Space:
  • A range of different industry representatives will be showcasing their smart technologies for the public to learn about, interact with and give feedback on. 
  • Interesting stories of innovation coming out of our city and the Waikato.
  • Examples of Smart Hamilton projects being delivered by Council.
  • Ways for you to engage with us on what is in the Space and your innovative ideas for how we can create a smarter society together.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to showcase your work in the Smart Space or have any questions, please contact Jannat Maqbool on 029 2899353 or

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