Smart Hamilton is about thinking differently. Through innovation, insight and technology we want to work with the community and industry to improve our community's wellbeing. 

Smart Hamilton was developed by first looking at the problems we want to solve and then seeing how technology and innovative thinking can help solve those problems.

Hamilton's focus is strongly based on working collaboratively with other organisations to achieve the best outcomes for the city.

Smart Cities leverage innovation, technology and insight to serve the community. They are built around the community and are designed to make cities more liveable, optimise resources and create sustainable economic growth.

Hamilton's size and scale mean we are small enough to try things and big enough to make them meaningful. In making this journey we haven't started with a blank page, we are already doing some great things to make our city smart such as our online services, our strategic transport network, sensors in our water networks, smart parking and the provision of economic data and reports.​

Page reviewed: 30 Jul 2018 12:38pm