Hamilton Gardens Development Project

​"It's unlike anything else in New Zealand or in the world. I have not been to a garden as good anyw​here, and I mean anywhere. Immaculately presented. Just stunning. They've quietly created a revolutionary garden under everyone's noses."
​​       Lynda Hallinan, New Zealand's leading garden writer

Hamilton Gardens is one of our city’s biggest success stories and the awarding-winning International Garden of the Year in 2014. 

Over the past 30 years the community, local trusts and the Council have worked to  transform this former rubbish site into a world-class garden. Now we plan to create even more gardens with our new Gardens’ Plan. ​

​​​Why is this project important?

​​Hamilton Gardens is the most visited tourist attraction in the Waikato with approximately a million visits
each year​.​​
  • The Gardens will contribute to growing the Waikato’s billion dollar tourism industry
  • It is estimated this project will pay for itself in three years and it will generate $14.5 million per year
  • The Gardens host hundreds of events every year including the renowned Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival
  • The Gardens has won increasing global recognition and the International Garden of the Year in 2014
  • The team at Hamilton Gardens are experts, and have consistently created outstanding gardens. We know they can deliver

The Garden projects​

  • Picturesque Garden
  • Ancient Egyptian Garden
  • Pasifika Garden
  • Medieval Garden
  • ​Baroque Garden

“The concept is, by far, the most exciting I have seen in my twenty year career as a researcher in the field of garden tourism. The vision is indeed unique in the ​​world and visually spectacular."

​        Professor Richard Benfield / Central State
       ​​University / World authority on garden tourism​

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