​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Alcohol licensing fees and charges

Alcohol licensing fees are set out by the Ministry of Justice in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Fees Regulations 2013. The regulations have introduced national risk-based fees for all alcohol licences which more fairly reflects the cost of alcohol licensing. 

The information below is about alcohol licensing fees and charges only. See alcohol licensing for details on licensing legislation, policies and bylaws, alcohol bans, requirements, guidelines, obligations, processes and application forms.​

Guidelines for calculating your application fee can be found on these fact sheets:

You can find more information on the new fee structure at the Ministr​y of Justice website​.

Please contact us​ (ask for alcohol licensing) or email us​ if you require assistance in calculating your application fee. Please note that application fees are non-refundable. All fees listed below include GST.

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Fees and charges

​Application for on-licence, off-licence and club licence (including renewals)​

​Risk factor​Application fee
​Very Low​$368.00
​Very High$​1207.50

​Public notice administration fee (for new/renewal of on-licence, off-licence and club licence)

​​Administration fee                                                                       $85.00

​Application for special licence ​​

​​Risk factorApplication fee
​Class 3​$63.25
​Class 2​$207.00
​Class 1​$575.00

​Application for manager's certificate (including renewals) ​

​Application fee​$316.25

​Application for temporary authority ​

​Application fee​$296.70

​Annual fee (for licensed premises) ​

Risk factor​Annual fee
​Very Low​$161.00
​Very High​$1437.50

​Extract of record or register

​Application fee​$57.50

Admin Fee - Publish public notices on line (per hour)


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