Animal education and control fees and charges

​ The information below covers fees and charges related to dogs and stock control carried out by our Animal Education and Control Team in Hamilton city.  

See animal education and control for more information about dog registration, microchipping and safety; dog ownership obligations ; dog exercise areas; caring for your dog; barking dogs; dangerous and menacing dogs; caring for your dog; adopting a dog; lost and found dogs; wandering stock; and hiring feral cat or possum traps. 

Use our Dogs Online registration and payment system to directly register and renew registration/s for your dog/s online. Find out more about dog registration requirements, fee details and discounts.

You can also access the Dogs Online system through our general 'Online Services ' feature instead, if you also plan to use Online Services to make other types of online payments to Council as well (such as rates, accounts receivable, LIMs, etc).

View a list of fees and charges for all Council services.

Fees and charges

Dog registration fees up to 30 June $
Category one80
Category two150
Dog registration fees after 30 June
Category one95
Category two165
50% penalty - applies to registrations after 31 July
Category one142
Category two247
Miscellaneous fees (dogs)
First impoundment84
Second impoundment153
Third impoundment245
Sustenanceper day19
Collarsactual cost
Tag replacement5
Dog signover65
Puppy parvo vaccinationactual cost
Dog adoption225
Seizureper seizure per dog90
Second seizureper dog165
Third seizureper dog260
Dog micro-chipping25
Malesactual cost
Femalesactual cost
Cat trap hireage - for trapping feral cats or possumsper week15
Inspection fee for keeping more than two dogs
First application fee85
Annual renewal fee40
Stock impounding related fees
Horse, mule and deer48
Sheep, goats14
Sustenanceper stock/day15
Stock driving and rangers charge stockper hour80​
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