​​​​​​Fee for new applications in relation to any of:

  • signs on footpths
  • merchandise display
  • tables and chairs on footpaths
  • mobile shops


​The stated administration fee plus the applicable annual fee portioned on a monthly basis​85
​​Signs on footpaths
​a. Central zone
  - Central core
  - Hamilton East
  - Commercial large suburban
  - Commercial Hamilton East office

​annual fee
annual fee
annual fee
annual fee
b. All other zonesannual fee​​110
​Merchandise display​​ - per metre squareannual fee - m2​110

​Fee for use of Garden Place


​Commercial Stalls​weekly​245
​Seized signs release fee (excluding seized election signs)​47
​Seized skateboard release fee​22
​Newspaper boxes and similar​annual fee​110
​Table and chairs on footpath​per table annual fee​25
​Other use of footpath​per event​20

Mobile shops​


Food vendors (food safety fees & charges also apply)
​annual fee​125
Vendors not requiring food license​annual fee​125

​Hawkers​annual permit​100
​Small (up to 15 4x4 stalls)​annual license​155
​Large (15 4x4 stalls or more)​annual license​370

​Admin fees


​Late payment penalty (for permit renewals made after 31 July)20%
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