Cemeteries and crematorium - fees and charges list

​​​​​​The information below covers fees and charges related to cemeteries, crematorium and burial/cremation services and requirements in Hamilton city.  ​​​​

See cemeteries​ ​for more information including a cemetery search database, maps of cemeteries, crematorium locations and the plot locations within them, opening hours and lists of funeral directors and monumental masons/memorials manufacturers in Hamilton and the Waikato region.

You can pay many of the fees below using our 'Online Services​'.​

​View a list of fees and charges​ for all Council services.​​​ Fees and charges include GST.

Burial lawns​​


​Kowhai plot - garden berm area
​Plot purchase​215
​Digging fee​100
Kowhai plot - lawn area
​Plot purchase - does not include a plaque​110
​Digging fee​110
​Totara Services Lawn
​Maintenance in perpetuity​770
​Digging fee
​Adult - oak, olive, chestnut or Forest Grove
​Plot purchase​​3705
​Digging fee​735
​Child - apple blossom (child only - 1 ash urn)
​Plot purchase - ashes​985
​Internment fee - ashes​120
Child - oak, olive, chestnut, Forest Grove or apple blossom
​Plot purchase​1980
​Digging fee​320
​Second casket burial
​Digging fee​735
​Ash interment
​Ash interment
Casket disinterment​
​Digging fee​4285

​Ash interment areas


Web of memories (four sets)
​Plot purchase1045
Kiwi Ash Scatter Garden(250mm x 150mm plaque) 
​Berm plot purchase​410
​RSA berm (two sets)
​Maintenance in perpetuity​125
​​Garden of Memories Tree (one set, no plaque)
​Plot purchase​145
​Garden of Remembrance - Bellbird, Kea, Keruru Kokako and Weka (two ash urns per plot)
​Plot purchase​1010
​Granite Wall (one ash urn per plot)
​Plot purchase​800
​Ash spread only
​Disinterment of ashes
​Ash disinterment​155

​Memorial only**


​Outdoor book plaque​60
​Book of Remembrance inscription​105
​** supplier fees may increase from time to time, contact cemetery for current price
​Memorial installation permit​115
​Kowhai berm and pedestal permit fee​55
​Child under 15 years​305
​Stillborn or under one year​125
​Service facilities
​Chapel or lounge - one hour service​225
Chapel or lounge - 1/2 hour service​115
​Chapel or lounge - 15 minute service​60
​Service DVD/CD​56
​Miscellaneous administration costs​110
​Non Funeral Director Service administration cost ​115
​Courier fees​50
​After hours (applicable when staff are required to work outside normal working hours)
​Burials (Monday-Friday after 4pm, all day Saturday)​325
​Cremations and ash burials (Monday-Saturday after 4.30pm)​305
​Public holidays / Sundays
​Burials or ash interments on Sundays and public holidays​560
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