Water supply

​Backflow prevention device registration
​Testing of backflow device

​by quote
​Water drawn from water take points
(a)​permit to draw from a water take point (mandatory)​120
​(b)per kilolitre​4.48
​(c)additional key​15
​Special meter readings​54
Add water meter to existing connection
​Install 20mm meter on existing service lineby quote
​Install 25mm meter on existing service lineby quote
​Testing meters
​As per prices provided by certified independent service provider​by quote
Non-domestic water supply charges
​(Note: New users who require greater than 15m3 per day will be required to apply for a resource consent)
Individual Customer Agreements
​Individual High Use Water supply agreement application fee
per application
​Annual administrative charge for Individual Customer Agreements (covers three hours time and any additional time will be charged at the hourly rate)
​annual fee
​Hourly rate for Individual Customer Agreements


​Application for water supply
​Application fee

​Assessment under the Three Waters Connection Policy for application for water supply categories 2, 3 and 4
​hourly rate
​Out of District Water Supply Permit
​per application

​Rateable city
​- three monthly minimum charge (based on 60m3​)
- one monthly minimum charge (based on 20m3)

Non rateable city
​​- three monthly minimum charge (based on 60m3​)​
​- one monthly minimum charge (based on 20m3)

Outside city$/m3​1.85
​​- three monthly minimum charge (based on 60m3​)​​


Rural restricted supply​per kilolitre
​​- three monthly minimum charge (based on 60m3​)​

Waikato District Council - Rural Supply Agreement​$/m3​
As per agreement​

​High Water users

Enforcement and penalties
​Enforcement of Water Supply Bylaw 2013 (e.g. reinstatement of backflow risk, installation of backflow prevention device, repair of water leak)

​Actual costs
​Investigation and enforcement of illegal water take against bylaw or agreement

​Actual costs 
​Unpermitted use of water (in addition to any investigation costs) 
​per m3 (estimated)
​High water user penalty charges

​As per agreement

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