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​​​​​​​​Hearings - format and processes

​Some alcohol licensing applications must be heard by the Hamilton District Licensing Committee (DLC) at a public hearing. 

A DLC hearing is a legal process similar to a court hearing, but it has a chairperson and a panel of appointed members instead of a judge. Hearings are reasonably formal so that applications are dealt with consistently and fairly. All parties are given an equal opportunity to present their views.

Hearings are usually held at Hamilton City Council Chambers, Municipal Building, Garden Place (see location on the map on our contact us page​. However, the hearing may need to be held at a different venue if this room is not available or if large numbers of people are expected to attend.

District licensing committee hearings are open to the public, including the news media. On occasion, it may be necessary to exclude the public from some parts of a hearing (for example when the Committee feels the privacy of an individual needs to be protected).

Check out the list of upcoming hearings below - and get more information about alcohol licence applications, objections and decisions below this list​.

If you still need more information on public hearings and the hearings process, please contact us​ (ask for alcohol licensing) or email us​​.​

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Applications, objections and decisions

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