Hamilton DLC decisions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, the Hamilton District Licensing Committee (DLC) must give its decision on an application in writing. Copies of the decisions the Hamilton DLC makes must be publicly available. 

You may also wish to check out the links below these tables​, for information on our DLC, recent applications; making an objection; and applications which have a public hearing scheduled in the near future (details supplied should you wish to attend).​

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Hamilton DLC decisions and public hearings

The decisions listed below cover recent alcohol licensing applications and decisions which are/were the subject of a public hearing. These tables are updated as hearing decisions are released.

All Hamilton DLC decisions 

As well as the information listed below, you can view details on all decisions made by the Hamilton DLC on the New Zealand Legal Information Institute website - see New Zealand District Licensing Committee – Hamilton (updated weekly).

Public hearing-related decisions

March 2017

Date​Time​Application type​Applicant​​Decision
17/03/17​10:00amSpecial LicenceAxces Hamilton Ltd, trading as  "Axces and The Outback"Decision #2908​

February 2017

Date​Time​Application type​Applicant​​Decision
15/02/17​9:30amManager's CertificatePaul AndrewDecision #​2846
9:30am​​Manager's CertificateInderpreet SinghDecision #2847
15/02/17​11:00amVariation, suspension or cancellation of special licenceJames Robin Dalziel Kernohan, regarding the special licence issued​ to Hamilton Caterers LtdDecision #2849​​​


September 2016

Date​Time​Application type​Applicant​​Decision
16/09/16​10:00amManager's CertificatePaul BarlowDecision #​2448
11:00am​​Manager's Certificate​Jay Salvador BallantyneDecision #2446
​16/09/16​12:00pmManager's Certificate​​Kenneth Ian VeenendaalDecision #2468​​
​16/09/16​2:00pm​Manager's Certificate​Janaya Hetet ​​Decision #2447
​30/09/16​10:00am​Renewal of Manager's Certificate​​Rebecca Ashwell​​​Decision #2499​
​30/09/16​11:00amManager's Certificate​​Jared Paul Gemmell​​​​​Decision #​2500
​30/09/16​2:00pm​​Manager's Certificate​​​​​​Harjinder Paul SIngh​​​Decision #2501
​30/09/16​2:00pm​Manager's Certificate​​​Tamarra Ashley Ward​​​Decision #2502

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