Hamilton DLC decisions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, the Hamilton District Licensing Committee (DLC) must give its decision on an application in writing. Copies of the decisions the Hamilton DLC makes must be publicly available. 

You may also wish to check out the links below these tables​, for information on our DLC, recent applications; making an objection; and applications which have a public hearing scheduled in the near future (details supplied should you wish to attend).​

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Hamilton DLC decisions and public hearings

The decisions listed below cover recent alcohol licensing applications and decisions which are/were the subject of a public hearing. These tables are updated as hearing decisions are released.

All Hamilton DLC decisions 

As well as the information listed below, you can view details on all decisions made by the Hamilton DLC on the New Zealand Legal Information Institute website - see New Zealand District Licensing Committee – Hamilton (updated weekly).

Public hearing-related decisions


Date                 Time              Application Type               Applicant                                                Decision

25/10/2021     1:00pm        Managers Certificate       Samantha Gulliver                                 Decision#647


​Date                 Time              Application Type               Applicant                                                Decision

13/10/2021      10:00am       Off License                         The Cook                                                Decision#567

June 2021

Date                     Time             Application type               Applicant                                                Decision                       

18/06/2021       1:30pm         On License                         Burger Bro                                              Decision#332                       

 May 2021

​Date             Time                Application type                    Applicant                                                           Decision   

28/05/2021   10:00am       Renewal Managers           Ping Ting Zhang                                               Decision#169

21/05/2021   10:00am       Renewal On Licence         Five Crossroads Sports Bar and Cafe            Decision#368                          

 April 2021

Date              Time             Application type             Applicant                                                           Decision

19/04/2021   10:00am     Renewal Managers        Hardik Gupta                                                       Decision#127

16/04/2021   10:00am     Renewal Managers        Ping Ting Zhang                                                   Decision#169

 March 2021

​Date                Time           Application type           Applicant                                                            Decision

19/03/2021     1:00pm      Variation Off Licence    Countdown Te Rapa                                         Decision#91

19/03/2021     10:00am     Variation Off Licence   Countdown Claudelands                                 Decision#176

 February 2021

Date​Time​Application type​Applicant​​Decision
​10:00amSpecial LicenceMontana Catering Limited Six 60 Concert

 January 2021
Date​Time​Application type​Applicant​​Decision
9:00 am 
Special Licence
Great Kiwi Beer Festival

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