Hamilton District Licensing Committee (DLC)

​​​​​​​​​​​The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act requires each local authority to establish a district licensing committee (DLC) to replace its previous district licensing agency. A district licensing committee determines applications for alcohol licences and managers' certificates. 

More details on Hamilton's DLC and its functions are outlined below. If you still need more information on our committee (or on district licensing committees in general), please contact us​ (ask for alcohol licensing) or email us​​.​​​

Y​ou may also wish to check out the links below for information on alcohol licence objections; public hearings; Hamilton DLC decisions; and recent applications.​​​

Hamilton DLC committee members

The members of the Hamilton District Licensing Committee are:

  • Sara Brown (Commissioner).
  • Tegan McIntyre (alternative Commissioner).
  • Patsi Davies.
  • Brett McEwan.
  • Ewan Wilson.
  • Roger Matthews.
  • Murray Clearwater.
  • Chrissy Hodkinson.

District licensing committee functions

A district licensing committee's functions are to consider and determine applications for:

  • new licences and manager's certificates
  • renewals of licences and manager's certificates
  • temporary authority to carry on the sale and supply of alcohol
  • the variation, suspension, or cancellation of special licences
  • the variation of licences (other than special licences).

The DLC also where appropriate (and with the leave of the chairperson for the licensing authority) refers applications to the licensing authority.​

The DLC also conducts inquiries and makes reports when required to by the licensing authority.

​​​Objections, public hearings, decisions and applications

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