Change to Online Licence Public Notification Process​​

We've been looking at ways to make it simpler and more cost-effective for licence applicants to notify the public.

When you make an application for a new licence or renewal of licence, you will no longer be required to fill out a public notice form and take it to the Waikato Times. 

On the Council's website – – all alcohol licences will be published for only an $85 administration fee to cover the extra staff time required to put the notice on our website.  In many cases, this is up to 75 per cent less than you would otherwise pay through the newspaper. 

The new process will start on Monday 27 March.

The new system also al​lows the community to view all current applications being notified at that time, rather than having to catch the right edition of a newspaper, giving them better visibility of our process.

All public notices will remain on the website for at least 10 days after publication. The process for making an objection to an application remains the same. ​

 If you still need more information, please contact us​ (ask for alcohol licensing) or email us​​.​​​

Page reviewed: 24 Mar 2017 2:43pm