Adopt a dog

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to adopt

Dog adoptions are a way to give suitable unclaimed or surrendered dogs a second chance with responsible dog owners. 

To see the dogs which we currently have available, please visit Pets on the Net (our dogs are listed under 'Hamilton Animal Control') or check out our dog ​adoption facebook page - Hamilton A​dopt a Dog.

Our kennel staff work with the dogs daily and know them best, so if you have any questions about a particular dog please contact them on 07 838 6664. You can also arrange to view the dog during kennel opening hours. 

See our team's full contact details here.

​Animal Education and Control Centre, 217 Ellis Street, Frankton, Hamilton: opening hours

Seven days a week, 12.30pm to 4.30pm (closed on statutory holidays).

If you can't decide on one of the dogs from our centre, you may wish to continue your adoption search elsewhere.  Try your local SPCA​Pets on the NetTrade M​e and Facebook​.  Another useful site is the Doglinks community portal page.​ Whichever dog you choose, you need to be sure you will be a responsible dog owner - see below for more details on this.

Who can adopt

Our adoption criteria apply to ​any dog rehomed from our centre and an adoption application will be approved or declined at the discretion of our Animal Education and Control Team.  

If you are thinking of adopting one of our dogs, you should be aware of your responsibilities as a dog owner.

Find out about caring for your dog, ​​owning more than two dogs​; microchippingsafety around dogs;,dog education; and dangerous and menacing dogs

It's also compulsory to register any dog you own with us - see below for details.


See our animal education and control fees and charges list for current adoption charges. The fee charged reflects the costs of preparing each dog for adoption as outlined below.

  • All dogs adopted from us are registered, microchipped and desexed​.
  • All dogs available for adoption have passed a behavioural assessment, to ensure they are of suitable temperament to join a home.  
  • Puppies under six months old are also given at least their first vaccination against parvo and kennel cough while in our care. There is an extra charge or this service (per vaccination) which reflects their current actual cost. ​​

Lost and found

No dog is considered for rehoming by the team unless it is clear that it is either unclaimed after seven days; or it has been surrendered to the Council. This is true of any lost dogs which come to our Animal Education and Control Centre. In every case, each dog we put forward for adoption will also have been assessed by us as being suitable for rehoming. 

Find out more about lost and found dogs, including those in our centre and tips on how to find your dog if we don't already have it. You can also search for lost dogs on Pets on the NetTrade M​e and Facebook​.  Another useful site is the Doglinks community portal page.

Dogs Online - ​and dog registrations/requirements

Get an overview of dog registration and FAQs​​, see our fees and charges​ list and get more detail on dog registration requirements, fee details and discounts.

Use our Dogs Online e-service​ to register, renew, pay or change details in relation to your dog registration.​

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