Animal Education and Control Team activities - dogs

​​​​​​​​​​Below is a summary of the Animal Education and Control Team's activities for the 2014/15 financial year. The summary, also known as a '10A report', lists the number of service requests received by category and other key information required under the Dog Control Act 1996​​.

Find out more about our Animal Education and Control Team​ (including contact details and how to report dog-related issues). The work we do is part-funded by our animal education and control fees and charges - see our list. We also provide a wide range of dog-related information online - including a Dogs Online e-service​ which you can use to register, renew, pay and change details in relation to dog registrations.

2017/18 financial year

Number of dogs registered in Hamilton as at 30 June 2015 was 10,084.

Disqualified and probationary owners


Dangerous and menacing dogs with classification under the Dog Control Act 1996​

​Dangerous31 (1)(b) Sworn evidence​
​​31 (1)(c) Owner admits​0
​Menacing​33A (1)(b)(i) Observed behaviour​206
​33C (1) Schedule 4​210

​Summary of dog related complaints and service requests received

​General​Advice given​84
​Behavioural assessments​208
​Dog to sign over​117
​Dog trap required​16
​Education presentations (groups)​66
​Fencing inspections requested​80
​Found dog​5
​Lost dog​130
​Multiple dog permit​123
​SPCA welfare call out​61
​Offences​Attack​Atta​ck serious injury to person​0
​Historic attack dog v animal​75
​Historic attack dog v person​57
​Urgent attack dog v animal​68
​Urgent attack dog v person​52
​Failure to keep control of dog​149
​Insufficient food/water/shelter​20
​Offences detected by officer​Cold calling​0
​Dangerous compliance​6
​Disqualified compliance​5
​Free to leave​10
​In a public place​210
​Menacing compliance​82
​Microchipping compliance​294
​Pro-active park check​113
​Probationary compliance​3
​Unregistered dog​256
​Unregistered dog report compliance​812
​Urban patrols​189
​Roaming​Free to leave​138
​Public place​2263
​Rushing​Rushing animal​13
​Rushing animal (not urgent)​3
​Rushing person​65
​Rushing person (not urgent)​17
​Rushing vehicle (not urgent)​2
​Un​muzzled dog​2
​Unregistered dog​168

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