Having an issue with a neighbour’s animal?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Animal Education and Control team deal with a number of complaints related to nuisance animals including ​​strays, feral pets and pests. 

To report an incidence please contact Animal Control on 07 838 6632.

​​Nuisance animals​

Our team also deals with nuisance animals (for example, barking dogs, crowing roosters in urban areas and wandering stock as mentioned above). Our Animal Nuisance Bylaw 2013 allows for the keeping of animals within the city boundaries, and ensures that there are controls in place to avoid undesirable nuisance issues, related to the keeping of animals.  

To report an issue please call us on 07 838 6632.



Barking is a normal and healthy means of communication for a domestic dog. However, when the barking is not responded to in the appropriate manner it may become a nuisance.

​Click on the link below to find out more information on how to report a barking dog or tips to fix your own dog's barking.


​Feral cats and possum trap hire

The Waikato Regional Council (WRC) is the organisation with the key responsibility for controlling pest animals within the Waikato region, including Hamilton city.

However, our Animal Education and Control Team assists WRC with its pest control activities by hiring out traps for catching feral cats and possums to Hamilton city residents. We can also provide advice on how to use these humanely and we provide a disposal service for any live animals you may catch in our hire traps.

To hire please contact us on 07 838 6632.​ Note that it is your responsibility to appropriately dispose of any animal you catch. 

​​​Cat 2.jpg

Dealing with stray cats

Stray cats come in a variety of forms - healthy and friendly, vulnerable kittens, injured cats, abandoned cats and feral cats. 

Healthy/ friendly strays

These cats are friendly and don't mind if you walk up to them or pet them. We recommend not giving them food for a week as they're often someone's pet looking for a extra meal. If they continue to come back after a week, you can download a paper colla​r, which alerts the owner to contact you. The paper cat collar can be dow​nloaded here.

Litters, vulnerable cats and injured cats

Please take any vulnerable cats, litters or injured cats to the Waikato SPCA (07 847 4868).

Abandoned cats

If a cat has been abandoned (e.g. a neighbour moved but left their cat behind) then call the Waikato SPCA (07 847 4868).

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