The Animal Education and Control Team is responsible for managing and controlling dogs in Hamilton city and its surrounds. This includes providing dog registration and microchipping services as well as responding to issues in relation to stray dogs, barking dogs and/or concerns about unwanted dog behaviour. As well as nuisance dog behaviours like these, our teams also respond to nuisance issues related to other kinds of animals (livestock, roosters etc) - find out more about nuisance animals here.

Our team is very focused on providing eduation about caring for dogs and dog safety as part of our activities and we go out into the general and business community to achieve this. Community events for people and their dogs to attend are another way of sharing knowledge - for example, our Paws in the Pool event.

Find out what your dog registration fees and charges contribute to directly and see a recent annual summary of our activities related to dog control here.

Check 'related links' at right, to view our dog-related policies and bylaws, legislation and other useful dog-related websites.

Contact our team

If you have any queries about dogs (including dog registrations, dog-related issues and reporting stray, barking or menacing or dangerous dogs, check out our Animal Education and Control Team's contact details here

Please note that our team does not deal with animal welfare or cruelty issues - those enquiries should go to the Waikato SPCA - check out their contact details here. If you live further afield than Hamilton city and its surrounds, check out the SPCA's locations and contact list

Dogs Online and dog registrations/requirements

Find out about caring for your dog and registration requirements in relation to microchipping your dog,  owning more than two dogs and dangerous and menacing dogs.

Register online

Get aoverview of dog registration and FAQs  before you register - it also includes information on any current promotions we are running in relation to dog registration.

See our animal education and control fees and charges list and get more information on dog registration requirements, fee details and discounts.

Use our Dogs Online e-service to register, renew, pay or change details in relation to your dog registration.

Dog exercise and 'no go' areas

Find out about where you can and can't take your dog in Hamilton city and its surrounds:

  • Check out our dog exercise areas in our parks  -see our map in pooches and parks. 
  • View a detailed map of all dog exercise areas and 'no go' areas throughout Hamilton city and its surrounds, see our bylaw map ' Dog Control Off Lead Exercise and Prohibited  Areas Register'.

Lost and found and adopt a dog

Find out about lost and found dogs, our Animal Education and Control Centre and its kennel register; how to find your dog if it's gone missing; and how to adopt dogs available for rehoming from our centre: 

Also see our Hamilton Adopt a dog Facebook page and Pets on the Net (under 'Hamilton Animal Control').

Dog issues, education, training and safety

Whether you own a dog or not, it's really important to know how to manage or avoid unwanted dog behaviour, depending on the situation. If you need to report unwanted dog behaviour in relation to the issues below, get in touch with our team - check out our contact details here.

Find out about:


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