Eco Design

The Eco Design Advisor (EDA) is a free service available to the people of Hamilton City to help them live more sustainable, energy efficient and healthy lives. It is a one to one service and is tailored to your specific needs.

The Eco Design Advisor covers a full range of building issues, from heating the home more efficiently, to water conservation and toxicity problems. Whether it is building your new dream home or simply renovating to increase your thermal comfort, the EDA can offer practical advice to help you achieve your goals.

If you want to save money on your power bills, feeling cold over winter / hot in the summer, worried about indoor air quality, concerned about the amount of water you're using or simply wanting to do your bit for the environment, these are some of the issues the EDA can help you with. Who wouldn't want to live in a warmer, drier, more cost-effective home. Energy prices are only going to rise and anything we can do to make our homes more efficient has got to be a winner.

Free in-home appointments with our Eco Design Advisor will be available again from 1 October 2018. 

Hamilton's Eco Design Advisor

Hamilton's EDA is Ian Mayes who has 20 years general building experience and 11 years of Eco building. He lives in his own Eco house he designed and built himself and as an EDA receives regular training in all Eco matters from BRANZ. Ian is availabl​e during normal working hours for short or full consultations, and can spend a couple of hours on a specific project. Call him direct to make an appointment on 07 838 6773 or 021 585 175.

Interested to know more about Ian? Read his profile below from the November 2017 edition of City News.

One man's mission to make all homes in Hamilton healthy

Ian Mayes spends his days visiting Hamiltonians to give them advice on how to make their home dryer, warmer and more energy efficient.

As a local expert on building performance Ian Mayes has been providing valuable advice during in-home consultations for the past 11 years as the Council's Eco Design Advisor.

Realising how the work he does makes a difference to improving people's lives and health was a real light bulb moment for Ian.

"It's so rewarding leaving a consultation and the client says they've learnt something and have taken away points they can actually do. I'm so lucky to get to work with a diverse range of people in the community. That's what gets me out of bed in the morning."

Ian's job is a mixture of advice for retrofitting older homes and new builds, and presentations to groups including the District Health Board.

Ian started his career as a builder and designer in London after wanting to explore the world and leaving New Zealand when he was 18 years old.

"I was working in London where the temperatures are much lower, but their buildings are built to stand up to it. Even though Hamilton has a fairly mild climate, there are many buildings which could be improved, bringing homeowners financial and health benefits.

"The average power bill in New Zealand is around $300, I can most likely save you money on that cost by improving the way your home works for you – and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

If I can save you even a little bit off that bill, you'll be saving that money every month."

If you talk to Ian for just two minutes, you'll see how knowledgeable and passionate he is about healthy homes.

"Having a well-performing home should work for you all year around, it's just more noticeable in winter when temperatures drop and too many homes are relying on cheap to buy but expensive to run portable heaters, and fans when it's hot, that don't cut the mustard.

 "Unfortunately the 'she'll be right' kiwi mentality is meaning there are so many people putting up with cold, damp homes when they don't have to. I understand the challenge that comes with budgets and a key part of my job is to give advice which is affordable and save you money in the short and long term."

Hamilton is only one of eight Councils in New Zealand to offer a free Eco Design service who collectively are involved in the national Energy Wise programme.

Ian has one message for Hamiltonians: "I'm here to help. Let's make warm, dry homes the new normal!"

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