Plumbing and Drainage

The City Waters unit can offer help and advice on water supply, quality, treatment and wastewater.

If you need information about connection or disconnection to Hamilton's water, wastewater and stormwater services, visit Water Services.

The Connections Guide

The Connections Guide (PDF, 120KB) is designed to assist with small and medium developments to provide a streamline process of completing development steps.

Building over wastewater and stormwater pipes

If you think there may be Council wastewater or stormwater pipes going through the site on which you intend to build, see Building over Pipes.

Managing stormwater

The Council provides two useful booklets you can download from this page - Stormwater Solutions for Hamilton (PDF, 671KB)  and Soak up your Stormwater (PDF, 398KB)  - about managing stormwater on your site. 

Soak holes

Download the Soak up your Stormwater (PDF, 398KB) document for more information about soak holes.

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