PIM report

​​The Project Information Memorandum (PIM) provides specific information required for a building project on a specific piece of land.  This is very useful for clarifying at the early design stage what will be involved in a project.

A PIM has information that must be taken into account with the proposed design and the land on which it is to be built. 

This includes:
  • Heritage status of the building, if any
  • Special features of the land, if any such as:
    • Ground stability
    • Geological history
    • Areas that have been filled, or have been unstable
  • If there is any risk of flooding 
  • Permitted footpath crossing points
  • Details of District Plan non-compliances
  • Details of existing stormwater or wastewater utility systems on or adjacent to the site of the proposed building work
  • Provision of fire escapes
  • Details of requirements in respect to network utility operators (power, gas, phone)
  • Requirements of development contributions, if any
  • Requirements under the Resource Management Act.

Applying for a PIM

Information you need to provide:
  • A completed application form
  • Street address
  • Legal description: Lot and DP/S numbers
  • Current Owner
  • Certificate of Title
  • Written authority to act on behalf of the owner if you are not the owner

A PIM must be issued within 20 working days of receiving an application.

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