Cremation is an increasingly popular choice for families and individuals, and is the preferred end of life arrangement for some cultures.

The cremation process uses intense heat to turn the deceased body into ashes. The ashes are then placed into an urn which can either be interred at our cemetery (see ash interment) or collected by the funeral director for the family of the deceased to make alternative arrangements.

We're able to provide a cremation for a loved one with 24 hours' notice – this is a key part of our ability to meet our customers' needs.

Our crematorium was recently rebuilt as part of our ongoing development of our site and our services, and the rebuild includes a new viewing lounge.​

Our cremation service is non-judgemental and we will cremate your loved one in a highly professional and respectful way, according to your/their wishes, beliefs or cultural protocols.

Page reviewed: 04 Nov 2019 4:09pm