Crematorium services

​​​​​​​Most services are described and are charged out based on the length of time required for the service only, eg, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc. Such services can be held in either the chapel or the lounge.

The exceptions to these are:

View charge

This service is not currently available.

Private cremation

This is not a service; instead the term is used when the funeral director brings the deceased to the crematorium without the company of family or friends of the deceased. This normally occurs when a service has been held elsewhere or to honour the deceased’s wishes previously expressed to family to not ‘make a fuss’.

Sometimes families prefer to bring the deceased themselves to the cemetery. In these instances the Lounge will need to be booked as we do not permit public to go to the same area as funeral directors. Whether a service fee will apply is dependent on if family decide last minute to stay a little longer to bid their farewells.

The cremation

Once the casket arrives at the crematorium it is given a unique identifier number that will track it through our system.

At no time is the casket opened unless with the authority of and in the presence of the family or the funeral director acting on behalf of the family.

Cremation uses intense heat to reduce the body to bone ash and takes approximately one hour.

The ash is placed in either a standard urn and family can choose whether to use a plastic or pine box. Both are supplied by Council and the ash is securely packaged and labelled within the chosen container.

Please Note: Ashes are held at the cemetery for a maximum of two weeks, after which they are collected by either the family member whose name is recorded on the 'Permission to Cremate' form, or the funeral director acting on behalf of the family. Photo identification is required for family members when collecting ashes from cemetery administration office. Please contact the office before coming so that we can arrange to have the ashes brought to the office in time for collection.

View more options at ashes Interment and memorial sp​ecifications.


Where possible bookings should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact a funeral director or the Hamilton Park Cemetery office to discuss booking times.

For cremation services, the last booking times – Monday to Saturday are:

1 hour: 3.00pm 
30 minutes: 3.30pm
15 minutes: 4.00pm
View Charge: 4.00pm
Private Cremation: 4.00pm
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