Memorabilia and flowers at gravesites are an important part of the grieving process for the bereaved.

Fresh or artificial flowers are considered the most appropriate form of memorabilia. For the ash interment gardens, fresh flowers may be placed in a vase provided by the cemetery. Other ash or burial areas allow for flowers to be placed within the vase recess of the memorial.

Family members are provided with information on what can be left at gravesites, and this is also outlined in signage at the facility. We are aware of the high level of emotion many family members experience after a death, and we do our best to work with families so they understand what is permitted.

We do not want to upset family members/friends of deceased, but we do need to enforce our rules.

We approach this very difficult issue with sensitivity and compassion, try to be helpful and aim to educate families.

Our guidelines around gravesite memorabilia are intended to protect the integrity of the cemetery, demonstrate respect to people laid to rest there, and also protect the safety of our staff.

We urge families to contact us if they have any queries around what is appropriate at gravesites.

Memorabilia containing glass, ceramics, terracotta, rocks and pebbles, or wire/metal based items are not permitted because they present a safety hazard during maintenance and to people visiting the cemetery.​

Items will be removed and held for one month. Collection can be arranged through the cemetery office between 8.30am and 4.00pm weekday or by prior arrangement on Saturday

Page reviewed: 27 Feb 2020 5:55pm