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Hamilton Park Cemetery and Crematorium

 Hamilton Park Cemetery is operated by the Hamilton City Council and has served the community since 1957, with the crematorium and chapel facilities operating since 1963.

It provides for burials, ash interments, full chapel and committal services and cremations. An administration office is situated to the right of the Chapel, and is open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30 pm.​

Hamilton Park Cemetery is located in the rural setting of Newstead, at 395 Morrinsville Road. This expansive facility has been developed in a park-like manner and as a result has a peaceful and majestic landscape of trees, shrubs and gardens.

Hamilton West Cemetery and Hamilton East Cemetery


Council is also responsible for Hamilton West Cemetery, on Willoughby Street next to the rugby stadium, which operated between 1869 and 1975.

Hamilton East Cemetery, near Hamilton Gardens, opened in 1866 and is currently limited to reserve plot burials and ash interments. ​​​​

Hamilton East Cemetery Heritage Walk

Details of some of our city forebears resting at the Hamilton East Cemetery are recorded in a booklet in conjunction with an outline of a one hour heritage walk of this cemetery. This booklet is available on this site, at the Hamilton Park Cemetery Administration Office or at the Hamilton Gardens Information Centre.

Download the Hamilton Historic Cemeteries Heritage Walks booklet​.​ ​

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