Civil Defence Centres

A Civil Defence Centre (CDC) is a facility that is potential and managed by Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) during an emergency to support individuals, families/whanau and the community.

CDCs are open to members of the public and may be used for any relevant purpose, including public information, evacuation, welfare and recovery, it depends on the needs of the community. They can be operated by CDEM-led teams, including CDEM-trained volunteers, OR by other agencies. 

Community members and /or community based organisations may establish and operate other centres that offer support to the community, known as ‘Community Led Centres’. These do not fall under the direction of CDEM, although they may coordinate and operate alongside CDEM-led facilities.  If you wish to find out more about Community Led Centres please contact:

​​Hamilton City currently has two potential Civil Defence Centres (CDCs).​​

On the western side of the Waikato River

FMG Stadium Waikato, 128 Seddon Road​

On the eastern side of the Waikato River

Claudelands Event Centre, corner of Brooklyn Road and Heaphy Terrace​

​Places like community halls, churches, stadiums and other suitable facilities may be activated in response to an emergency or disaster in Hamilton also. These will be updated on the 'Hamilton City Emergency Status' during an emergency or disaster.

Please listen to your radio to find out which Civil Defence Centre is open and what they are providing. 

Find a list of local radio stations here.

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