Explore thh Waikato Regional Hazards


​New Zealand is known as the shaky isles and Hamilton is no exception. Learn more about Hamiltons earthquake hazards here.

See Hamilton's earthquake risk.

Severe Weather

Hamilton City is vulnerable to severe storms including cyclones and tornadoes.


​COVID-19 has shown us how vulnerable we may be to pandemics. Another one may affect us in the future.


Frequent, heavy rain and the steep gradient of many rivers means the Hamilton City is prone to flooding from severe weather patterns, especially tropical cyclones and depressions.​​

See Hamilton's flood hazard areas​

Lifeline Disruption

Modern life is reliant on a range of services, the infrastructure that provides these services is vulnerable to failure for a number of reasons​.


Large urban and wild fires can affect Hamilton at any time.

Mass Casualty

Hamilton City is a large city and a major transportation hub. Mass casualty could occur here.

Chemical Spills

Hamilton has one major hazard facility and hazardous substances are transported through the city regularly. Learn more about the risk here.

Work Safe plan.

​​Climate Change​

Climate change is already affecting countries around the world. Hamilton can expect to see changes to our climate as time goes on.


As a major city, Hamilton may be impacted by a terrorism incident.

Volcanic Ashfall

While Hamilton has no volcanoes within the city, Volcanic ashfall from distant volcanoes in Auckland, Tongariro and Taranaki is a real possibility and can disrupt our lives greatly.


Hamilton City takes its drinking water from the mighty Waikato River. In a major drought, water resources may be strained. Learn more about how drought may affect Hamilton here.


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