Civil Defence & Emergency Management

​​​Hamilton City Council has a duty under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 to provide Civil Defence and Emergency Management services within its boundaries and ensure that it is able to function to the fullest possible extent, even though this may be at a reduced level, during and after an emergency.

We have an in-house Emergency Operations Centres that is available to activate in any emergency or incident that requires a coordinated 'one stop shop' venue. Designed to meet the needs of the entire organisation and has the ability to activate at a moments notice with professional staff operating.

We are also apart of the Waikato Civil Defence Emergency Management Group which includes ten other local authorities within the Waikato Region. This group provides guidance, hazard information, strategic support and operational advice to Hamilton City Council during, before and after an emergency.

Our staff recieve training to form the Emergency Response Team. These response staff have been trained in Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Centre and Civil Defence Centre operations and are ready to respond at anytime.

Page reviewed: 08 Mar 2022 9:59am