Preparing for an emergency

​​A disaster could strike at anytime. Are you prepared? 

​We provide a number of ways to help prepare for an emergency.

Get ready at home

There are a few easy things you can do to get you and your household ready. Follow the steps below:

Make a Household Emergency Plan. This helps everyone in your house know what to do in an emergency and how to get through.

Check you have your emergency survival items (enough for three days!). Find more information here.

Stay informed. Keeping up to date with the latest information can make your life a whole lot easier. Learn how to stay informed here.

If you want to know more, the Get Ready website has a whole lot of information to help you get ready for an emergency. If you'd like resources in another language, you can find some here.

If you have an impairment or disability, you may be at greater risk of an emergency. Learn about everything you need to know to get ready here.  If you are hearing impaired, you can access New Zealand Sign Language videos here. And if you have a sight impairment, there are audio files here that can help you get ready.

 ​For everything you need to get ready - Click here

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, businesses have an obligation to be prepared for an emergency. Put together a Workplace Emergency Plan for your business.

Get your staff ready. Encourage staff to keep essential items they may need at work, including sturdy walking shoes, waterproof jacket, torch, snack food and water.

Get involved in business continuity and emergency plans at industry level.

Find out more about becoming a resilient business here

Get ready at school

Earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunami, non-natural hazards and volcanic eruptions can be frightening because they strike at any time and often without warning. By helping children and family be more prepared at home, you can reduce the risk of danger.

'Whats the Plan Stan' is an educational tool for Primary and Intermediate aged children. 

Every school in New Zealand must have an Emergency Management Plan, these can be found on the Ministry of Education website.


Use the 'Whats the Plan Stan' package in the classroom as well as the 'Turtle Safe' videos for reinforcing the children's learning's about earthquakes and disasters.

'Turtle Safe' is an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs. We encourage teachers to hold several practice drills with the children so they are familiar with the drill.

So, what's the plan Stan?

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